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Maggi​e Spark​e: Criti​cally acclaimed Clairaudient

​'Scarily accurate​' H2b J​ournal


All Payments are pro forma I will contact you within 48 hours.

Consultations are available for clients resident in UK, Ireland.  Europe Australia. NZ. US. Canada.

All you require is a secure email address.

along with a Dropbox or We transfer app on your computer or mobile phone. 

Option 1 Audio file £48.00

A 60 minute comprehensive reading with specific projections for present life situations.

Personal, health and business.

Option 2 £65.00

This option offers both channeled work and a 2 year astrological projection covering all areas.

Client receives 1 x audio files and printed chart work via email approx 80  mins.

Option 3 Audio file 30.00 ( 3 specific questions)

Simply forward your 3 areas of focus when contacting me..and i will do the rest.