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Maggi​e Spark​e: Criti​cally acclaimed Clairaudient

​'Scarily accurate​' H2b J​ournal

H2b Journal

Investigates psychic phenomena with critically acclaimed clairaudient channeler,Maggie Sparke

'H2b went undercover and booked a sitting to find out for ourselves..Two very different clients one a true believer in life after death and fairly frequent psychic consultant the other a total sceptic believing 'When you die, you die 'and "There is no God"

Maggie did not know who we were or anything about us at all. The skeptic went first and he was told things that were 'scarily accurate and not ambiguous' Maggie's reading really tested his faith to the point that he would 'really recommend this lady'

One of Maggie's clients ; Dr L.A.Morris PhD whose interest in the subject has led her on a path of discovery in Romantic poetry, Philosophy. Psychoanalysis and theories from quantum physics. Within these diverse branches of knowledge shes found a common denominator in that all aspects of the world are somehow interconnected. For instance Jungs 'collective unconscious and David Bohms 'Undivided wholeness in flowing movement' .Shelley was facinated at looking into the future. 'The unborn hour' .

Recent client reviews:

Hi Maggie

27th May 2018

Here is some feedback to add to your site:

I've had the privilege of 3 readings by Maggie and what can I say. I'm always blown away by her accuracy, her truth and her warmth. She knows me better than I know myself! I was recommended by a friend and was shocked by how 'spot on' Maggie is. There is no generalisation, only personal insight and information. If you are hesitating, don't as you won't get a better reading anywhere. Maggie even named close personal friends' names and links to their situations! Her guidance has helped me enormously and I'm glad to say that I am now finally on a path that it has taken me a long time to find!

Paola (BA Hons) PGCE(Pcet) PG Cert

Getting an audio-reading from someone who isn't even in the same post code sounds pretty risky especially when you've no way of interacting with her. Of course, if the channel in question is Maggie Sparke then you can just relax and wait for the reading to come through packed with insight, positive energy and truth. Maggie comes across as warm and engaging but whereas a lot of so called psychics are just pleasantly vague, Maggie is truthful and accurate.

She’ll be frank but never brusque; give good news without misleading clients and leaves you forearmed as well as forewarned about more challenging issues ahead.

Maggie doesn't sell you cold calling generalizations – the sort of ‘could apply to everyone’ comments that a lot of so called psychics rely on such as ‘ you know/ have known or will know someone with a blue car; someone near you had trouble breathing before they died’ etc. Instead she provides precise details to your 3 questions. When I asked her, without giving more than a name, about the man in my life she described him with a huge amount of personal detail which was really specific and could not have been guessed at.

She described his habits, his past relationship, his unusual career and the age difference between us. Every detail was spot on. 

Maggie also highlighted a particular issue in my life which I had not even asked about and yet again provided some really accurate and helpful information. She’s the real deal and I’ll be happy to return for another audio-reading when needed.

Dianne Copeland

Author / UK

Dear Maggie

I was overwhelmed by your accuracy about my situation, but more by listening to was as if you were actually feeling what I have been feeling and you have helped me enormously.

I will recommend you unreservedly

I will follow up in house next year

Thank you so much again.

Kindest regards x

Dr Lorna Phelan UK

Thank you so much for the reading Maggie. I simply asked a question about work, the question gave you no indication whatsoever of the type of work I did or wanted to do. Astonishingly you immediately picked on what I do and what I want to do for a living, you gave clear and honest insight into my situation and above all gave me hope that everything will work out. You delivered the reading in a clear, concise, caring, calming and honest way. All in all your reading was fantastic and hit spot on what is happening for me at the moment. Love and light. XXX

Kim Lunday UK.

Wow!!! What can I say apart from a very big thank you! ?

From the first few seconds you had me! I need to listen to the audio several more times to grasp all of it, but so much of what I have already taken in is so poignant.

Now I am a writer and speaker, which is what I have always wanted to be and there is so much more I have always longed to do, too! You’re entire description was so accurate and so illuminating to me – and has given me so much support and guidance that I am beyond grateful!

Thank you so much, Maggie!!


Christina Croft Author / Lecturer UK.

Thank you for a wonderful reading.

There were tears in my eyes several times listening to the audio file, and the 're-do' part at the beginning, affirmed what I've felt was so all of this life.

Won't take up your time with more 'I/me' stuff'. Just wanted you to know how lovely it was to listen to you (and the bird song in your garden)

I hope to use your wonderful service again, and think my son's will too.

Lots of love,

Cheryl Miami US.